I’ve just posted the latest ‘New Bottom Line’ – my monthly strategic
perspectives on business and the environment – at the Natural Logic

Eye of the Beholder summarizes the recent Cradle to Cradle design workshop in Silicon Valley, led by Michael Braungart and Bill McDonough of MBDC

‘We still have people talking about ‘sustainability’! Nothing is
more boring. Are you proud if your marriage is ‘sustainable’? We feel
guilty, and cut our hair to use less shampoo. It’s guilt management and
celebrating mediocrity.’

The key, Braungart advised, is the
transformation of environmental
issues into issue of quality. ‘First be effective – do the right thing;
then look for the right tools. Efficiency may be one of them, but
there’s no point being more efficient at producing a harmful outcome.
Students and top management understand this,’ he said. ‘Middle
management hates us.’

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