Natural Logic and Sun Microsystems Announce the Launch of Sustainability Tracking Platform

BERKELEY, CA – September 24, 2007 – Natural Logic has joined with Sun Microsystems to produce, which launched September 24 2007. This free, secure, online service is designed to help participants assess, track and compare building energy performance, share proven best practices to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and encourage sustainable business innovation.

Increasingly, GHG analysis is done using proprietary tools and often requires significant investments in consulting services. Not only does this discourage many organizations from assessing the GHG impacts of their buildings, processes and products, it also means that analysis results are rarely shared with those outside of an individual organization.

OpenEco pairs Sun’s expertise in open source development with Natural Logic’s experience in tracking corporate environmental footprints.

“Feedback is the bridge between self-organization and self-management toward achieving your sustainable goals,” says Natural Logic CEO Gil Friend. “We’re delighted that Sun chose to build on our Business Metabolics program and develop OpenEco with our collaboration.” focuses on building energy and carbon performance. Business Metabolics™ provides comprehensive sustainability performance tracking, inluding environmental footprint, including water, materials, and “wastes.”

See a video presentation of OpenEco, or visit the Open Eco website.