Offered without comment
Off the Wagon. As a drunk is to alcohol, the Bush administration is to budget deficits. By by Paul Krugman. [New York Times: Opinion]
Clemency Without Clarity. Perhaps the best argument against capital punishment may be that it is an issue beyond the limited capacity of government to get things right. By Scott Turow. [New York Times: Opinion]
NYTSo, the Supremes upheld that a Congress (that was bought off by monied copyright holders) can extend copyrights forever.  This is a classic Pareto problem of rentiers using the legal system to ensure their future revenue streams.   What they can’t earn by creating they earn through changes in the law.  The end result of this type of power grab is a static and uncreative society.  Of course, the end result may be different.  New technology is the wild card in the revolution against the rentiers.  Rip, mix, burn, share. [John Robb’s Radio Weblog]

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