Carl Frankel’s new book — Out of the Labyrinth: Who We Are, How We Go Wrong, and What We Can Do About It — is out and the jacket copy describes it as ‘combining a visionary framework, a personal narrative, and cultural criticism into a story about where we have gone wrong as a culture and what we must do — and become — to set things right.
‘That’s pretty accurate,’ he notes, ‘which is no surprise, considering I wrote it.’
He continues on a more serious note:
The book isæalso very much about sustainability, but it comes at the subject from a perspective that I have heard describedæas ‘orthogonal’ — a two-dollar word that means perpendicularæto the usual perspective. What I have tried to do is integrate issues of self andæmeaning — the interior dimension, as it wereæ–æinto our understanding of what sustainability is, and of what it requires.
I’ll confess I haven’t read the book yet (but plan to). But I have read earlier drafts, and know that Carl [disclaimer: a friend] is hot on the trail of something deeply important here.
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