Blogging the PlaNetWork conference at the Presdio in San Francisco, which has a strong focus this year on the
conscious use of information technologies and the Internet … in
creating a truly democratic, ecologically sane and socially just future.

Just heard Arno Scharl present his EcoMonitor
‘environmental web monitoring.’ — which I expected to be about
sophisticated data syntehesis, but seemed to be more about symantic
mapping of how specified words and ideas show up in global media space.
I guess ‘environmental’ means different thigns to different people. 🙂

Just starting, Ron Newman on ‘the dynamics of highly effective groups.’ Too vague for me so far.

What I’m waiting for: Celia Peirce and the folks from the Bucky Fuller Insitute talking about their Spaceship Earth Game,’
a massively multi-player game… originally conceived as a digital
sequel to the World Game, Buckminster Fuller‰s large-scale board game
of world resource distribution.
(The game takes a bottom-up approach
through missions in which players deploy large numbers of people on
multiple devices, via e-mail, blogs, Internet and SmartMob tactics, to
take positive action now.

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