[New Bottom Line]: Sustainable business – a vision statement
This latest article in my New Bottom Line series lays out a business vision for ‘getting beyond mitigating the problem, makingæthings less bad, slowing the rate of decline of theæregenerative capacity of the living systems thatæsustain human culture and economy,’ and actually solving the problem — in a way that builds business value.
The purpose of this vision statement: to challengeæalready good companies, developers, designers andæpublic authorities to an even higher level ofæthinking, aspiration and performance…. It’s intentionallyæboth spare and provocative. Every phrase in it couldæbe further explained, justified, specified,ædocumented and exampled — and soon will be, on anæinteractive web page. But then it wouldn’t be aævision statement.
The full article is posted here (along with a join our mailing list opportunity. And it’s posted in outline form here (with annotations to come). (Watch for it also at greenbiz.com).
Your comments and suggestions most welcome.

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