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Strategic Sustainability, and other worthy themes of our time.

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Download our brochure

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The Truth About Green Business
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Making Better Decisions:
The ROI of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting

776K PDF from Green@Work

Maximizing Return on Your CSR Reporting Investment
published in Radar, SustainAbility, London

EcoMetrics: : Integrating direct and indirect environmental costs and benefits into management information systems
444K PDF published in Environmental Quality Management, 1998(!)

Natural Logic Reports

Some of the following reports and publications can be downloaded here; others can be ordered from Natural Logic. Please contact us directly with your requests.

Product Stewardship  & Extended Producer Responsibility: Towards a Comprehensive Packaging Recycling Strategy for the US
A white paper offering a comprehensive packaging recycling strategy for the US, based on “extended producer responsibility”, and designed to get 70% of all packaging and printed paper “waste” out of landfills and into productive use.

Towards Optimal Print: Complementary Print and Pixel Solutions (coming soon)
A white paper offering an LCA-based analysis that goes beyond a simplistic “print vs. pixel” understanding of the communications landscape, toward an optimized, cross-media ideal.

Strategic Sustainability: Tales from the Ecotones
Six provocative profiles of companies that are making “sustainability” a key driver of business strategy. 24 pages.

Mining and Sustainability: A White Paper
Critical examination of the mining industry through the lens of sustainabilty and the laws of thermodynamics, challenges the industry to reconsider “what business are we really in?”

Business-Driven Sustainable Development
Report on our 1996 Executive Study Mission to Sweden and The Netherlands explores how leading companies are shifting “environment” from an operational function to a strategic driver of business leadership. 60 pages. (An eight page Executive Summary is available.)

The New Bottom Line: Strategic Perspectives on Business and Environment
Anthology of New Bottom Line columns, exploring the leading edge in both business strategy and public policy. More than 50 essays on subjects including Industrial Ecology, Design for Environment, Ecological Economics, Public Policy, Regulatory Reform, Trade and Competitiveness and Strategic Environmental Management. 200 pages, soft cover.
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Building an Environmental Economy
An economic development strategy focused on the environmental industry, prepared for the City of Berkeley (California) – but applicable, perhaps, to your city.

Seminal monograph by Dutch industrial engineer Jan Hanhart, examining how well-designed information feedback systems can do far more to build environmental efficiency than management and motivational campaigns.

Regional Metabolism Analysis
Assessment of regional energy and material flows in a 10 country rural economic development district, identifies opportunities to “close the loops” and generate economic growth that doesn’t erode quality of life. A tool for “reality-based” economic development.
Download Report 860K PDF

Energy and Resource Management for the Bakery Industry
EcoEfficiency handbook, produced under contract to California Energy Extension Service. Not just for bakeries: applies directly to any food processing business, and many others.