That’s the title of my latest “New Bottom Line” essay, available today
on <a href=””>our web
site</a> and at <a href=””></a>. It’ll go out
to subscribers mid-week, so as to not get completely lost in the
election overflow. (But you can read it now. :+)<br>
The article <br>
– observes <span style=”font-style: italic;”>an interesting
business metric: the growing number of reports looking at the financial
implications of
the sustainability challenge, for industries ranging from automotive to
electronics</span>; <br>- discusses the potentially
significant financial exposure — to market
entry, profits, and shareholder value — facing companies in these
industries, financial services and others that fail to figure
this out; <br>
-presents a compelling business case for sustainability from the
perspective of the CFO of a giant chemical company, of all things;
<br>- and muses on both the critical importance and the profound
limitations of rooting key decisions only in the analytical.<br>
Please read the article, share your comments — here in blogland,
rather than email — and stay tuned for the series of daylong
workshops, CFOs and investment analysts, we will soon be offering on
the theme, “Industry Valuations: Impact of New Global Environmental