Also new on the web today, SustainAbility’s biennial assessment of the best in corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting, Risk & Opportunity: Best Practice in Non-Financial Reporting. And with that, our accompanying analysis
asking the critical question, “How do the leading reporters compare
with the leading performers?” (Nicely blogged by my colleague Joel Makower, by the way; thanks, Frank.)

We loaded the reported data for the eight Technology and
Telecommunications companies covered in the report into
Business Metabolics, our key performance indicators system,
to explore just that sort of comparison — and to enable people in interactively fly through the data.

My (humble) hope: that people get a better sense of how to think
about, and use, key performance indicators (KPIs), that they see the
value in using our tools to do that, and that we find a couple of
creative companies ready to pilot their application — now.

(More than 2,000 companies worldwide produce CSR or environmental
reports, mostly as static, retrospective, expensive press releases.
We’d rather see them turn that information into a dynamic tool for
better management — reducing the burdens, and building the value of
the CSR process — that can help people discover the insights… that
can deliver new value propositions… that can build shareholder
value… by doing business in accord with the laws of nature.