Seeing the forest for the trees
[PlanetArk] Home Depot adopts new wood purchasing policy
Home improvement retailer Home Depot Inc. (HD.N) said it will only buy wood products from suppliers committed to environmentally friendly logging and lumber practices. The move expands a policy adopted by the largest U.S. lumber retailer in 1999 to quit selling wood from endangered forests.
Home Depot hopes to use its purchasing power to encourage wood suppliers to follow good forestry practices, said Ron Jarvis, vice president of merchandising for lumber and building materials. “It’s an important message to send,” he said.

[PlanetArk] Bush proposes easing rules for small timber sales
The Bush administration last week unveiled a plan to quicken timber sales in small forests if the project prevents the spread of insects that can lead to further destruction or if removal does not adversely impact the environment.
Requirements for timber sales would only be eased to allow the removal of trees that pose a danger to the public or where the infestation of insects could harm additional trees in the area.

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