Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy is anchoring a presentation and webcast this morning computing and energy. The hook: new energy efficient products from Sun. The angle: top minds from inside and outside Sun, including Christine Ervin (former Assistant Secretary of Energy, former head of US GBC), Jonathan Koomey (Stanford University and Lawrence Berkeley Lab), Noah Horowitz (NRDC), Amory Lovins (RMI), Greg Papadopoulis (Sun EVP). Michael Krasny (KQED Forum) hosting.
McNealy talked about efficient servers and thin-client computing, and announced the ‘UltraSparc T1’ (formerly code-named ‘Niagra’): ‘Think of it as 32 way server on chip (runs all legacy apps) and burns ~2 watts/thread (an application or activity) vs 50-70 watts/thread on competing equipment). Its younger sibling, coming soon, will cut that in half yet again.’
McNealy and the panelist had lots more to say – and I’ll need a bit more time to translate masses of notes grabbed onthe fly into something readable for you, dear reader.
(Exciting to see this, since we wrote Sun’s first environmental policy statement – back in the early 1990s – which focused on linking Sun’s environmetal performance with their brand and their products’ price/performance value proposition.)

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