I can’t quite figure out what that headline actually means (did they
mean ‘more than a fad’?), and the survey that GreenClips, cites from
Facility Management Journal (May/Jun 05, p 20) may not be a scientific
survey, but it’s still interesting.

In a study of 557 International Facility Management Association
(IFMA) members (respondents from 5,400 randomly selected U.S. and
Canadianmembers), the majority of respondents said they have
implemented a variety of sustainable practices. Most respondents do not
have a master implementation plan, but rather selectively choose
different sustainable practices.

(And here I experiment with tables in Firefox…)

Greening measures

In place Planned No plans
Use of natural
78% 6% 16%
Lighting fixture retrofits (other than
67% 14% 19%
Purchasing recycled office
67% 8% 25%

of reasons for greening facilities

Very Some Not
Improved employee health and
76% 22% 2%
Cost savings 72% 24% 4%
Environmental responsibility 65% 33% 2%

No big surprises
there, but a couple of small ones, at least for me:
– the high “in place” for daylighting (good news, that!)
– the high “no plans” for recycled content products, and that
– employee health and productivity trumped cost savings (the expected

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