The Natural Step hosted an intriguing sustainable design summit this morning, part of their initiatives in that direction to get more design firms taking sustainability issues into account.
Luke Williams of frog design took us through part of their systematic ‘frog think’ innovation process; his introduction paraphrased:
Does design innovation need further analysis? Or more creativity?
Removing inhibitions can help — but it’s insufficient
Flopping about may seem creative, but is not most the productive
Brainstorming was designed for the advertising world (!) (which seeks novelty above all)
Scattershot approaches are like relying on enough monkeys with enough typewriters
Rebels? Conformists can be more creative than rebels, once they know the rules
FrogThink: purposeful, systematic search for ideas

Philip White talked about the Okala ecological design curriculum and the IDSA ecodesign strategy wheel.
And many more goings on, but that’s all I have time for right now.
Natural Step, meet ThinkCycle.

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