My latest ‘Sustainabilty Sundays’ posting just went up at — this one about the proliferation of green/high-performance high-rise buildings.
The folks who did 4 Times Square are at it again with 1 Bryant Park, just a
block away — one of many high rise green projects underway around the
planet. No one’s stepping up to the bar with anything like Paolo
Soleri’s “Arcologies” just yet, but, for all the pastoral visions of
green futures that people may dream, both the realities of global
urbanization and the potential efficiencies that proximity and density
can offer tell me that the success and failure of the human enteprise
on this planet will depend on whether, how and how quickly we are able
to transform cities to live in harmony with nature’s cycles.

One Bryant Park was a highlight at the EnvironDesign9 conference in NYC at the end of April. My own focus at the conference was presenting a workshop on “Going with the Flows: Metabolism to Metrics to Management Insight” — exploring how “metabolic” (or “material flow”) analysis can provide key performance indicators and strategic guidance for companies, developments and communities. We’ve been using the Business MetabolicsĹ“ KPI system to do just that, and just completed another regional metabolism assessment — this one of Albuquerque, NM.)

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