The June issue of my New Bottom Line perspectives on business and environment —
How High the Moon – The challenge of ‘sufficient’ goals
— asks: How does your organization set its sustainability
goals? Are they sufficient to the challenge — and the opportunities —
at hand?

It’s shipped to subscribers and posted to the Natural Logic web site; it’ll also turn up on GreenBiz in the next week or so. You can subscribe and get it early at Natural Logic.

An excerpt: A stretch sustainability goal — like a 100%
renewable energy portfolio within 10 years — may seem equally
outlandish. ‘Can we do it?’ some will ask; ‘Is it even possible?’ On
the other hand, the more useful question to ask — given that we will
need to trend in that direction at some rate in any case — may be
‘what would it take to achieve that goal (and not at the expense of
business goals)?’ Radical efficiency gains? A new kind of deal with an
energy provider? Something we haven’t thought of yet? It’s in that
stretch beyond the goals that are already within reach that ‘invention’
comes into play. Not ‘can we?’ but ‘how can we’?

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