Time Magazine’s Green Century “special report on the state of the planet and how to save it.”
For starters, let’s be clear about what we mean by “saving the earth.” The globe doesn’t need to be saved by us, and we couldn’t kill it if we tried. What we do need to saveÒand what we have done a fair job of bollixing up so farÒis the earth as we like it, with its climate, air, water and biomass all in that destructible balance that best supports life as we have come to know it. Muck that up, and the planet will simply shake us off, as it’s shaken off countless species before us. In the end, then, it’s us we’re trying to saveÒand while the job is doable, it won’t be easy.
Nice to see someone clarify that, for once. The planet’s not going anywhere. The question, as always, is where are we going?

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