[John Robb]WSJ. 
The US trade deficit rose to $60.3 billion in November (is there a link
to the elections?).  A new record.  Despite a sinking dollar,
the sale of US goods abroad dropped (down 2.3%).  This is terrible
news.  The relative performance of the US vs. all other nations is
on a slippery downward slope.  While we focus on military power,
the rest of the world is focused on economic power.

Deficits we run with major trading partners.  Here’s the major problem areas (per month!):
    Ý      China.  $16.63 billion.  Down slightly.
    Ý      Japan. $7.29 billion.  Up big.
    Ý      EU.  $7.72 billion.  Up big.
    Ý      Canada.  $7.3 billion.  Up big.
    Ý      Mexico.  $3.89 billion.  Down.

Seems this should concern us — and the President — much more than the Social Security ‘crisis’

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