"One of the best business investments I've made, ever."
- Mitch Ratcliffe, Publisher, Earth911, Inc., Partner, Metaforce

A different kind of coaching…

for a different kind of leader!

From Gil Philip Friend,

"One of the top 10 sustainability voices in the US."
For leaders and emerging leaders focused on climate, sustainability, regeneration, "ESG," and impact. A world that works. And the transformation of everything.
A personal invitation:
“If you’re ready for the next step – in your career, and in your life’s purpose – my confidential strategic coaching will help you clarify and advance both your company’s and your personal sustainability goals and move them into effective action. And do that with more power, presence, and peace of mind."
– Gil Friend, CEO

Who you are:

  • A leader or emerging leader focused on climate, sustainability/regeneration, innovation, impact investing—and, for some of you, “the transformation of everything”.
  • Deeply challenged—and sometimes overwhelmed—by the pressures, possibilities, and opportunities you’re facing.
  • Prepared to invest in yourself, your future, and the future you’re committed to bring into being.
  • A “trimtab”—the small rudder that turns the big rudder that turns a ship so big that the big rudder is impossible to move directly. That’s what you do; you find the ways to turn the ship. I help you find ways to turn you.
Who I am:
  • Noted sustainability pioneer, serial entrepreneur and inventor, board director.
  • Named "one of the top 10 sustainability voices in America" by The Guardian.
  • Former Chief Sustainability Officer, led the most aggressive climate action plan in the US.
  • Advisor to the world's best companies, global keynote speaker, and. kick-ass coach.
  • Student of Buckminster Fuller, Gregory Bateson, Stafford Beer, Fernando Flores, Hazel Henderson, and many more.
What we'll do:

  • We'll talk. That's it. But we'll talk in a very unusual way, that:
    • puts you back in touch with what you're really here to do;
    • provokes you—and supports you—to live into the depth of your commitments;
    • challenges you to be in effective, consistent action to fulfill them.
  • We'll explore together
    • observing and cultivating the moods that shape not only what you do but the possibilities you're able to see;
    • using language to create worlds—and how language uses you;
    • dancing between strategy and emergence, Despair and determination, grief and hope;
    • shaping the interpretations that enable you to navigate these uncertain times with equanimity and impact.
What you'll get—and what you won't get:

  • You'll get the benefit of my experience and insight,  and my frank engagement with you – strategically, substantively, ontologically – in support of your commitments.
  • I’ll help you clarify your commitments, and I'll hold you accountable to them.
    (If you want me or my team to do content work, or off-the-phone work, we’re happy to do that — though that’s consulting, not coaching).
  • You’ll do the work of fulfilling your commitments.
  • You’ll get several substantive, personal conversations each month, plus on-call access throughout the month by phone or email — and the benefit of my nearly 50 years of leadership in this field — all for less than the cost of one day’s consulting.
  • You won't get a recipe, algorithm, or paint-by-numbers formula. We need chefs, not recipes! This is personal, bespoke work, focused on who you are, what you care about, and what emerges in the conversations we have together, the conversations you have with others in your life, and the conversations you have with yourself.
  • Because who we are is foundational to what we do.
This is powerful work.

It’s not for the meek.

It produces results.

How can I be so confident?

Well, here’s one metric: 75% of my clients have significantly advanced their careers.

And all have significantly increased their effectiveness and impact.
And you don't have to just take my word for it.

Here's what some of my coaching clients have said:
Working with Gil has delivered tremendous value to me personally and professionally. He’s helped me think through the big picture, frame up tough challenges in productive ways, anticipate and plan for difficult situations before they arise, challenge myself, and – maybe most importantly – reconnect with my own sense of self-confidence and joy at finding and doing work I love.

—VP Innovation
NASDAQ100 consumer products company

Gil is a masterful coach.
Flexible, adaptable, and skilled.

—Rodney McDonald, President, McDonald Sustainability Group
My coaching sessions with Gil have been a huge asset. His experience and insights have helped me clarify both near-term priorities and longer term strategy, as well as pushed me to think more broadly about how I can grow as a leader.

—Global Director,
Green Social Innovation
Leading global online marketplace

It’s a nice combination to get both content & process expertise from one person. Life coaches without sustainability backgrounds were helpful, but they didn’t know where to push us — where we’re pushing the edge and not. With Gil I didn’t need to burn any time explaining things.

— Fortune 500 Climate Director
Working with Gil as a strategic coach and mentor helped me understand why I do what I do, and helped me fundamentally re-structure my approach to achieving my goals and aspirations—in ways that I know will stick.

—Andrea Traber, Principal
Integrated Design Services
Integral Group

In just one phone call, with a keen listening and insightful questions, Gil skillfully got to the heart of the matter. We arrived at a place of insight and discovery in a surprisingly short amount of time.

—Ian Kim, VP of Strategic Growth, Unreasonable Institute
Gil has the ability to bring just the right amount of strength, love, and wisdom to the people he works with. His passion and advocacy for your authentic success in sustainability and all things business (and life), make him a powerful force for your greatest future and a compassionate space for you to vision, strategize and navigate through that future.
Anese Cavanaugh, CEO, Active Choices
Limited time only!
 CXOs, SVPs, VPs…
You're a senior executive responsible to charting and navigating a new course that will enable you to lead, contribute, survive, and thrive in a world that will be very different than the one you've known?
You've started, are planning to start, or are hoping to start an enterprise with a mission.

You may be early—carrying the whole thing on your back. Or you may be facing the challenges of success—growth, shifting roles, acquisition, compromise. In either case, you're ready for help to enable you do better than your best…and inspire your team to do better than their best
Impact Investors & Asset Managers
Whether you're responsible for OPM or your own, you face multiple challenges: of being a good fiduciary AND a good steward; of making sense to those whose support and approval you need; of maintaining a steady had and your own peace of mind as you navigate the rocky waters ahead.
You're deeply committed, working for change, but usually from the outside, without "power" in the traditional sense. You don't like the idea of "power over," but you want to build your capacity to make things happen—and maintain your own well-being in the process.
And anyone else committed to cultivating grace, dignity, and power in uncertain times.
You know that the best investment you can ever make…is in yourself.

So apply now…
and let's get to work!
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