Another gem relayed by Good For Business, this one via the Wall Street Journal:
There are 26 doctors on staff at Quad/GraphicsÖinternists, pediatricians and family practitioners that comprise a critical department within one of America’s largest printing companies. There’s also an in-house pharmacy, rehabilitation center and laboratory….[and spent] 30% less than the average company in Wisconsin, where Quad is based.
In fact, as WSJ reports, they’ve ‘had such success that the company has started a business operating in-house clinics for other companies.’ Not bad for a printing company.
Dupont has had similar results: as they pursue their ‘zero waste’ commitment, they’re finding that their growing competencies in waste prevention and management can be exported to other companies, as a service, at a profit.
Which is why I like to ask companies ‘What’s in _your_ ‘waste’ stream?’

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