From Pamela Gordon of our ally Technology Forecasters: The Clock is Ticking — Are You Ready?

‘We can’t be ready for RoHS yet,’ I
heard a manufacturing manager at a mid-sized OEM say last month about
the Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive, ‘because not all of
our components are available in lead-free. Besides, our Agile PCG
system won’t be in place until spring.’

Prudent managers are worried, because
they realize that–like Y2K–the clock is ticking on the new
environmental requirements, and their products have to change in time
or they will lose customers. Yet the vast majority of OEMs are far from
being ready for the compliance deadlines–now just months away.

Pam offers a pair of very cogent ‘reality check’ tables: Common Explanations Why OEMs are Not Ready for RoHS and WEEE, and Issues Getting Less Press (and therefore less press)

See also my recent: It Began With a Dot: Product Regulation and Future Markets

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