What is bigger than a blog?.

Mike Wilson rants from his pulpit at The Universal Church of Cosmic Uncertainty. The sermon: 24 things he wants from his blog desktop. He wants it to be a fat client so he gets local storage, integration with other desktop apps and voice mail, tickers.

A few quotes:

4. To use a blog … for a personal desktop heads-up-display console from which I work at all times.

5. A contact-management system that would make Harvey MacKay faint from information overload.

19. Built-in mind-mapping and diagramming toolkits for charting ideas and representing them textually once the “virtual whiteboarding” session is done. (Not to mention the automated post-session analysis and discovery phase designed to extrapolate on behalf of the participants.)

A great wishlist. Thinking really big. And he’s gonna build it. Want to help?

[a klog apart]

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