When You Ride Alone, You Ride with Bin Laden
Bill Maher tonight on “Fresh Air”:
Thu, November 7, 2002, 7:00pm, KQED-FM (88.5 FM)
(Check your local listings.)
We’ll hear from the former host of “Politically Incorrect” – Bill Maher. He has a new book called “When You Ride Alone, You Ride with Bin Laden: What the Government Should Be Telling Us To Help Fight the War on Terrorism.”
Maher is of course the guy fired from the TV show “Politically Incorrect” for being… politically incorrect. Astute, insightful, funny. And likely to piss some folks off, of course, so don’t tune in inf you’re that sort of think skinned. (Then again, you wouldn’t be reading this if you were!

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