I think I’ve learned to more or less moderate my zealotry over the years. I’ve been using (and running my companies) mostly on Macs for the last 21 years (after moving from CPM to MS-DOS) mostly because they just work better. Not because they’re cool. (Though they are; and that iPod I just got instantly fills up all my loveofgooddesign receptor sites.)
But ya gotta admit that Mark Morford’s got a point when he asks ‘Why do PC users put up with so many viruses and worms? Why isn’t everyone on a Mac?’
Here is your brand new car, sir. Drive it off the lot. Yay yay new car. Suddenly, new car shuts off. New car barely starts again and then only goes about 6 miles per hour and it belches smoke and every warning light on the dashboard is blinking on and off and the tires are screaming and the heater is blasting your feet and something smells like burned hair. You hobble back to the dealer, who only says, gosh, sorry, we thought you knew — that’s they way they all run. Enjoy!
Would you not be, like, that is the goddamn last time I buy a Ford?

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