A brilliant Jamais Cascio of the exceptional WorldChanging held forth tonight, at Global Business Network on the usual WorldChanging theme: a better world is here.
After setting some context with the bad news about the depth of the challenges that global humanity faces – like the cascading impacts of the melting Siberian permafrost (that could release the equivalent of 100 years of US greenhouse gas enmissions in ‘just a few years’), he went long with the good news, from classic WorldChanging themes like Leapfrogging Nations, Open Source Biology, Making the Invisible Visible (a theme close to my heart) and more.
‘I know for a fact,’ he concluded, ‘that we have the tools now to solve these problems.’ Now THAT’S a fact worth knowing.
Too much to recount here, just as it’s often too much to read at WorldChanging — but read it anyway.

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