At 16 Cylinders, Here Comes the Ultimate American Dream Machine. At the New York auto show, Ford has an interesting little vehicle on display. Fascinating but very lonely. By Serge Schmemann. [New York Times: Opinion]
The fascinating vehicle is the Model U, Ford’s super-efficient, bio-materials based, hydorgen powered, ultra-eco concept car. It’s lonely because it’s surrounded by the rest of the profound American auto lust.
It is easy to scoff at this, to giggle at the paunches of the middle-aged adolescents wriggling into a sports coupe or gazing at an old-fashioned V-8, or to speculate on the physical deficiencies of the guys in the huge, blacked-out Escalade. Deep inside, we all know that S.U.V.’s are jacked-up station wagons, and that nobody will ever take the hot-rod version of Dodge’s subcompact Neon to the 150 miles an hour it can achieve. We know that all these Cheyennes, Centiemes, Kahunas, Triants and Washus are largely hype. Hummer? Get serious.
But I, for one, do not feel quite ready for a Model U. . . . Hey, did you spot that Cadillac XLR convertible?

Shift into low gear. It may be a long uphill climb.

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