I want my, I want my, I want my SUV…
Ford and William McDonough have designed
Ford’s Model U
(this century’s Model T), a near zero-emissions vehicle…Equipped with an array of upgradable technologies and a multi-function tailgate, Model U can stick with you and adapt to your needs if your life changes.
Powered by the world’s first supercharged hydrogen internal combustion engine, equipped with a hybrid electric transmission and pioneering green materials and processes, Model U is a vision for the future. It is Ford’s model for change Ð exploring the benefits a vehicle provides to its users, the way it is manufactured and how it impacts the world.

It’s not on the market yet, nor are GM’s hybrids (“offering the technology as an option on the Saturn Vue S.U.V. in 2005. G.M. also plans to offer more limited forms of electric power in four other high-volume models by 2007, with a target of improving fuel economy by at least 12 percent”) or the new Lexus hybrid SUV from Toyota, but clearly something is in motion in the automobile industry.
Could they perhaps see writing on the wall that the White House can’t read yet? Can they even see the wall?
PS: SUVs Deemed “Uncool”. You can watch the ads here.
Consumers are finding several reasons to rethink these gas guzzlers. [The Motley Fool]

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  1. Belle

    March 9, 2017

    It was Volcker who had the brains, cojones, and position (as Fed chair) to raise interest rates enough to truncate the 70s’ oil shock cost to price spiral. Recall that his apineotmpnt was by Carter. Just one more white horse that Reagan rode across the stage after someone else saddled him up.

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