10,000 Kites offers a fresh, visual, collaborative approach to Israeli-Palestinian relations. (I like this even more than I like Christo’s Gates, and I like that/those/it alot!)

Imagine 10,000 kites flying for peace
on both sides of the 500-kilometer long barrier that separates Israelis
and Palestinians. Imagine 10,000 Israelis and Palestinians who cannot
see each other, but can see each other’s kites flying high above the
barrier. Imagine those 10,000 kites painted with messages telling the
world that tens of thousands of Israelis and Palestinians want peace.

It’s going to happen April 27, 2005
at 16:00 hours. Hundreds of Israeli, Israeli/Arab, and Palestinian
organizations are already participating in 10,000 Kites, and they need
our help to get their message out.

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