Would you invest $1400 for a $600/year return? Environmental Defense says Detroit could deliver that benefit in fuel savings at that incremental cost in vehicle price by retrofiting SUVs with off the shelf available better engines, transmissions, etc — before even getting into hybrids, etc. Meanwhile, fleet fuel economy is going down.

Leslie Stall engaged an GM manager on 60 Minutes tonight in the classic discussion of who drives the demand for power over efficiency. Advertising, she wonders? No, consumers, he assures her. Renewing my facination with companies that spend billions on advertising yet maintain advertising doesn’t work.

Actually, some advertising works. I think it was advertising legend David Ogilvy who observed that only half of advertising works — it’s just that nobody knows which half.
Meanwhile, our ‘let’s have smaller government,’ ‘compassionate conservative,’ ‘just let the free market work’ government continues to provide massive subsidies to ‘heavy SUVs.’
‘Just consumer demand’… my tailpipe!

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