Wendell Berry, poet, novelist, agriculturalist, has offered an essay, in the form of a full page ad int the Sunday New York Times (pg 5) that is well worth your attention… and not just for the strikingly unusual juxtaposition of war, agriculture, globalization and democracy.
Please read it.
[Orion On Line]:
Would-be participating citizens of a democratic nation, unwilling to have their consetnt coerced or taken for granted, therefore have no choice but to remove themselves from the legitimate constrraints of this “we” in as immediate and public way as possible.
A bit more:
After World War II, we hoped the world might be united for the sake of peacfe. Now the world is being “globalized” for the sake of trade and the so-called free market — for the sake, that is, of plundering the world for cheap labor, cheap energy and cheap materials. How nations, let alone regions and communities, are to shape and protect themselves within this global economy is far from clear. Nor is it clear how the global economy can hope to survive the wars of nations.