So why didn’t I respond when Ivan Storck asked me for “5 Things You Don’t Know About Me,” and I did when Alex Steffen did? Because Alex gave me a deadline! Here’s what I wrote:
1. Performed — as a dancer — at Carnegie Hall (folk dance troupe, if you must know, and still a dancin’ fool at the drop of a hat)
2. Rolled an open-top roadster and walked away without a scratch (last time I’ve ever been in a car without a seatbelt on)
3. Been in the “sustainability” — a/k/a green a/k/a appropriate technology — game since 1972 (Buckminster Fuller’s “World Game” — back when it was a intensive, month-long design charrette for the planet — is what turned my life)
4. Responsible for several US firsts (or darn near firsts): green roof/rooftop farm (1974), large urban composting program (1976), progressive peace propaganda on mainstream television (1982), regional material flow analysis (1997)
5. Living on email since 1979 (cofounded PeaceNet in 1983), but traded electrons, media and work in general on Saturdays for sabbath observance and close-reading Torah study eight years ago

And here’s what some other Worldchangers offered.

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