A note to end the week. (Posting got slowed down this week by cascading techno gremlins (a 320mb attachement that brought down our mail servers — repeatedly, for 4 days, til Verio finally did what they said they’d do on the first day; the usual spam flood joined by spoofers sending their nasty stuff under our domain name — how do people deal with this stuff?; etc.)
So, on a cheerier note, this from Ryze:
The path to inner peace..

I discovered my new guru, Deepak Gupta, on Ryze:

I think I have found inner peace. I read an article that said the way to achieve inner peace is to finish things I had started. Today I finished 2 bags of potato chips, one black forest pastry, a fifth of Absolut Vodka and a small box of chocolates. I feel better already. Pass along to those who need it.

[a klog apart]
PS: I’ve joined the Ryze network, still checking it out. Anyone got any opinions? guidance?

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