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New On-Demand eLearning Suite Brings Sustainability Training to Employee Desktops Everywhere
Monterey CA, June 8 2011

Tripos Software Inc and Natural Logic Inc announced the release of the Sustainability in Practice™ on-demand eLearning library today at the Sustainable Brands 2011 conference in Monterey CA.

Based on the acclaimed book, The Truth About Green Business, by Natural Logic CEO Gil Friend, Sustainability in Practice provides role-based, on-demand, at-your-fingertips sustainability training for employees at all levels—management, operations, products & services, marketing and more.

“Leading companies are charting bold sustainability commitments,” Friend explained, “but unless their employees understand both what ‘sustainability’ means and what it means to them, in their particular jobs, companies won’t be able to realize the full business value of those commitments.”

The interactive courses are role-based, grounded in industry best practices and designed to be straightforward and practical, so the lessons can be put right to work. Lessons are built with instructional design rigor and produced to deliver an engaging and interactive experience for learners. All courseware can be delivered as a hosted service by Tripos Software through a custom-branded portal providing companies with full program management capabilities.

“Active participation by employees is the key to achieving enterprise sustainability goals,” according to Grant Rickets, CEO of Tripos Software. “Employees know where the problems are and can capture the wealth of opportunity that exists.  Training and mobilizing employees is the fastest way to scale.”

For additional information, or to arrange an interactive demo, contact:

Grant Ricketts                                                     Gil Friend
Tripos Software                                                   Natural Logic
(650) 224-1488                                                   510-248-4940        

About Natural Logic and Tripos Software

Natural Logic, Inc., a California-based strategic sustainability advisory firm, helps companies design, implement and measure profitable sustainability strategies. Recent clients have included CocaCola, eBay, HP, Levi Strauss & Co, and SunPower Corporation.

Tripos Software Inc. provides content, training, a SaaS-based platform, tools, and services to engage people in sustainability initiatives, track and measure results, and provide visibility into sustainability performance. The company was founded by former members of Saba Software (NASDAQ: SABA), leaders in talent and learning management systems.


New White Paper:

“Extended Producer Responsibility” Offers New Direction for US Waste Management Policy

The US can overcome thirty years of stagnation in waste management policy and divert more than 70% of solid waste from landfill, according to a White Paper just released by Natural Logic, Inc.

“Applying proven Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) principles would provide clear and compelling financial accountability,” according Natural Logic CEO Gil Friend, “and provide clear benefits to all stakeholders, from waste haulers and cash-strapped local governments to consumers and packaging manufacturers.”


We filled the house at the Commonwealth Club of California August 18, where Natural Logic Founder and CEO Gil Friend officially introduced The Truth About Green Business to our Bay Area community, and talked about “the three barriers to building a sustainable economy”. You can watch or listen to the speech here.

This program was presented by the Environment & Natural Resources Member-Led Forum and Climate One
Program Organizer: Kerry Curtis
Presenting sponsor: Wells Fargo Bank