For years—decades—the organizing principle of my work has been

How can business prosper by embedding the laws of nature at the heart of enterprise?

(Prosperity in the etymological sense of pro-spera, toward one’s hope, toward thriving—as well as the modern sense of toward the money.)

As you know, if you’ve been reading regularly, I’m increasingly living in this question: ”

What might it be like if we did business, and everything else, as though we actually belonged to the living world?”

Not “…if we were less damaging, more careful, better stewards.” Not even “we are nature” (which, to my ears, risks an all-too-familiar anthropocentric arrogance). But belonging to. As one belongs to a family, perhaps.

What might that be like—for our psyches and sense of identity—if we lived as though we belonged to the living world? For our actions? For the actions of our companies? How might that show up—and be nurtured—in a business? How would you know?

What do you think? Join us next Wednesday, March 20th, as we explore these questions on Living Between Worlds, our monthly conversation for possibility.

I’m starting to put together my plans for Climate Week NYC in late September. Please contact me—sooner rather than later—if you’d like to have me speak at your event.

Speaking of speaking, I’m the opening guest on Amiel Handelsman’s new podcast series, How My View Grew, talking about my 50+ year journey from Bateson and Bucky to now. One listener wrote, “I listened to the last 15min today and it shifted my whole mood…”

I hope you’ll check it out—and let me know what you think!—here… “or where you get your podcasts…”

The moods we live in are tangled with the interpretations we make of the world we encounter. Our moods affect the interpretations that are available to us. Our interpretations shape our moods, and our experience of the world. Both affect the possibilities we see, the offers we make, the requests we respond to, and how we feel in our lives.

In addition to the usual matters of goals, strategies, habits, issues, breakdowms. this tangle is at the heart of the conversations I have with my coaching and mentoring clients. World-changers dancing the dance of both impact and well-being. People like you, perhaps—who want to develop new capacities to dance within the tangles.

Interested? Let’s have an exploratory conversation—no cost, no obligation—and see if there’s work for us to do together.

That’s all for today. (Meanwhile, follow me on LinkedIn and SubStack.) And as always, thank you for what you do.



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