Interesting that the financial sector understand risk, even if the White House doesn’t.
[CERES]: CERES Company Bank of America is Among the First U.S. Financial Institutions to Make Policy to Address Climate Change
In July the executive management of Bank of America, a CERES Endorser, released a formal position on climate change. In its position the bank states that “climate change and atmospheric pollution do indeed represent a risk to the ultimate stability and sustainability of our way of life and our business….” This effort will be led by J. Chandler Martin, Executive Vice President and Market Risk Executive, and Candace Skarlatos, Senior Vice President and Director, Environmental Initiatives.
Emphasis added.
While certain vested economic and political interests focus on playing up the alleged ‘uncertainty’ of the science — guess what, there’s usually uncertainty in science, even good science — the insurance sector has calculated that it can’t even afford the actuarily project risk of climate change, much less the certainty.
So, what’s a business to do? Get ahead of the curve, by aligning business strategy with the laws of nature.
How? With our help. [Shameless yet highly relevant self-promotion. :-]

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