WorldChanging – A User’s Guide for the 21st Century – releases tomorrow. If you like the site, you’ll like the book, lauded as this century’s Whole Earth Catalog. (If you don’t like the site, you probably wouldn’t be reading my blog either. If you don’t _know_ the site, time to get your butt over there.), subtitled “a better world is here,” is rich compendium of what’s working in the world, as the world we dream of emerges before our eyes — not by magic or wishful thinking, but by the inspiringly creative works of people the world around. The book is the compendium of the compendium. It’s fat. It’s rich. It’s worth your attention. (And I’m honored to be one of the contributors.)
Here’s some of the inspiringly creative launch plan from the team:

Here’s what we’re asking:
On November first, at eleven minutes after eleven a.m. (Pacific time), please go to Amazon and buy the book.
Better still, go to Amazon and buy the book on the first, and in the meantime blog, email, talk up the book and do whatever you can to encourage everyone who you think cares about sustainability, innovation and social change, everyone who wants more solutions in the public debate, to join you on buying the book on 11/1 at 11:11 a.m. Please help spread the word.

11:11 has long been my favorite time of day. I guess I’ve just been in training for this. 😉

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