Thanks for the MREs

[Krugman]: The U.S. military has always had superb logistics. What happened? The answer is a mix of penny-pinching and privatization Ö which makes our soldiers’ discomfort a symptom of something more general. Apparently it’s not only Iraqis who are getting...

The Internal Impact of External

The Internal Impact of External Branding. Companies in the throes of change need brand communication to affect their employees’ actions as much as it does their customers… [xBlog: A sales, marketing and business weblog | XPLANE]

In Praise of the Purple Cow

[Fast Company] The world is full of boring stuff — brown cows — which is why so few people pay attention. Remarkable marketing is the art of building things worth noticing right into your product or service.

Wired.  Here is a good

Wired.  Here is a good example of how the research industry operates.  Keynote system develops a way to test SMS delivery times.  They release a report ranking the SMS participants.  They then announce a service to help carriers measure SMS...