In our 18th monthly session of “Living Between Worlds…with Grace, Dignity, and Power,” we explored the mystery of change. A Natural Logic client—CSO of a “sustainability leader” that hired us to help “reset” their already impressive strategy—reported that their team responded to the challenge of change by _moaning_ — “But it’s so hard!” But is it? ROCKS are hard. Steel is hard. “Change is hard” is an interpretation, not a reality—an interpretation that different people in different situations will make differently, based on mood, history, and many other factors. You’ve seen it: people bored or fearful or enthused about the very same situation. Watch as we explore the mysteries of change—personal, organizational, societal—in this latest installment of Living Between Worlds. (And if you enjoy it, please “like” and “subscribe.”) Please join us June 15
(and every third Wednesday) for a provocative conversation that will hopefully challenge and enrich your life and work. You can pre-register here (Zoom requirement) and watch previous *Living Between Worlds* conversations here. You’ll get a glimpse of the conversations that Natural Logic provokes with our corporate and coaching clients—about facing the underlying challenge:

How will we learn to do business, and everything we do, as though we belonged to the living world?

Nancy Hirshberg of The Climate Collaborative writes that

“given the tenuous state of negotiations on a new reconciliation bill with the climate provisions, a whole lot of business groups are trying to flood Schumer and the Senate with messages from businesses. A group of us pulled together a business sign-on letter and convened about 30 groups to reach out to their networks to get sign-ons. The groups include B Lab, Snowsports Industries America, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, ASBN, OTA and on and on.  We are just shy of 500 but really want to get to 1000 by a week from Friday (June 10th).”

Natural Logic has signed. Will your company?

Stockholm+50 this weekend “commemorates the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment,” and calls for multilateral action “in tackling the Earth’s triple planetary crisis – climate, nature, and pollution.” I’ll be speaking at the associated World Environment Day event, hosted by We Don’t Have Time. Early birds—I’m on at 5:45am PDT!—can watch me on YouTube or on We Don’t Have Time’s Twitter feed.

Short answer: A lot. Easiest way to keep track: LinkTree

If any of this strikes a chord with you, perhaps it’s time for us to work together. Here are a few ways that can happen. Perhaps one or more is right for you right now. If so, let me know!

  • Engage me as your trimtab! Four years ago yesterday I asked: What if the entire “sustainability” conversation is misconceived? What if we’re asking the wrong questions, in the wrong ways? What if you could embody better, more powerful questions? My “no BS” executive coaching can help—with one-on-one, tough-love support for leaders and emerging leaders, to build your effectiveness, power, presence, and peace of mind. “Powerfully productive,” in the words of one client.
  • Bring me in to keynote your next conference or speak to your board or company retreat. (You can watch some of my recent keynotes at my YouTube channel, linked below.)
  • The new release of the MySustainOnline micro-learning platform goes live at Stockholm+50—in 100+ languages—with 220K users already on board. Do you want to gett every employee in your organization engaged—and knowledgeable— about their role and potential contribution in your organizations sustainability/climate/regeneration future? Please contact me to schedule a demo.
  • Natural Logic doesn’t do tick-the-box ESG. We develop strategy, design practices, and support implementation to build value, impact, and meaning—shoulder to shoulder with your teams—grounded in 3.8 billion years of open-source R&D. We help your company commit to and deliver on aggressive, realistic goals—that move us closer to the world we need, faster than we ever thought possible, and deliver, in the words of one client, “massive value.” Possibly of interest for your organization? Then let’s talk!
  • Not ready for a contracted engagement? Now you can ask-me-anything—on-demand!

That’s it for now. Thank you for all you do.

In solidarity,

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