Natural Logic‘s four part Coming to Grips With Carbon webinar series starts today — in just over an hour. You can still register for today and/or for upcoming sessions.
This is a great, high-density, practical orientation issues and practices for measuring and managing carbon footprints.
As I noted a couple of weeks ago:
I’ll be hosting the entire series, and will be joined by some of the best in the business. Here’s the agenda and presenters:
Session 1: Figuring Out Your Footprint
Thursday, October 18, 1pm ET
Kyle Tanger, Principal, Clear Carbon Consulting
Session 2: Carbon Emissions Reduction Strategies
Thursday, October 25, 1pm ET
Malcolm Lewis, CTG Energetics
Session 3: Carbon Trading and Offsets
Thursday, November 1, 1pm ET
Adam Davis, Ecosystem Marketplace
Session 4: Panel Discussion: Future Outlook for Carbon Management
Thursday, November 8, 1pm ET
Gil Friend, Kyle Tanger, Malcolm Lewis, Adam Davis

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