Kevin Marks: Commodities are a good thing

First he quotes Doc:

> The stupidest conceit of the software business is that commodities are bad.

> If it weren’t for commodities, we wouldn’t have civilization. Or food.

> There’s
plenty of money to be made in – and on (or choose any other
preposition) –
> commodities. You just have to think smart about the
stupid stuff. Is it that hard?

Then he comments: Commodities are great –
to paraphrase something Clayton Christensen said – once your business
has become commoditized it is simple enough that you can hire some MBAs
to run it for you.

Turns out it’s not all about
innovation. To paraphrase the real estate conceit: “Execution,
execution, execution.” The elusive combination of doing the right
things, and doing things right.

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