Apple’s done it again with the iPod Shuffle, continuing the ephemeralization of technolust.

Very, very cool.

But not totally cool, as Ted Smith of Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition reminds us:

Tell Steve Jobs to recycle his iWaste:
Steve Jobs should do more than celebrate his profits. He should live up
to his good reputation and take responsibility for Apple’s iWaste. He
should harness the company’s resources to produce toxic-free iPods and
to recycle the millions of obsolete Apple computers that can poison our
communities with over 36 million pounds of lead. Up to now, Jobs has
chosen another course. His company has no effective program to recycle
discarded computers or iPods nor has it eliminated many toxins in its
products. It opposes legislation to recycle electronic waste and
produce cleaner machines. Batteries for iPods that fizzle out after a
year or two and which are difficult and expensive to replace are
Apple’s most recent addition to the growing toxic iWaste mass. It’s
time for Jobs to take another approach.

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