CarbonBrief: COP26: Key outcomes agreed at the UN climate talks in Glasgow

A very substantive and detailed (and not judgmental) summary by CarbonBrief of COP26 (for those who can tolerate watching sausage being made). Includes an “interactive table…show[ing] why it had been so hard to make progress. It illustrates how the positions of key negotiating alliances, on each issue at the talks, create a “four-dimensional spaghetti” of competing priorities.

More opinionated perspectives follow (including my own brief, initial hit). I’ll add more as I can.

Ralph Thurm: The Technological, Financial, Political Pipe Dream called COP 26 … A Retrospect

Paul Polman: Our duty is to make an imperfect climate deal work

David Roberts: Don’t get too bummed out about COP26

The Climatographers have created a temporary Climate Site to pull together “the very wide range of opinion coming out of COP26.”

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