Natural Logic’s new “In Conversation” series debuts February 3, right after the State of Green Business Forum. Please join us in San Francisco for a frank, unscripted dialog between Natural Logic CEO Gil Friend and Bryan Franklin, one of the world’s most successful executive coaches.
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(This is the first in a series of public conversations we’ll be hosting with people who are making a remarkable difference.)
Cracking The Door To The C-Suite With Your Sustainability Message
Sustainability Executives, Directors, and Change Agents:

You are sitting on one of the most important opportunities in history, and your well thought-out solutions aren’t getting the consistent air-time they deserve by top management. Come learn the 5 top reasons why most sustainability business models are broken and what to do about it.
Register now; space is limited.
The Path You’re On Doesn’t Lead To Where You Think It Does

A CEO has two brains.
The Profit Center brain and the Cost Center brain. The profit center brain is creative, invested, committed, interested, and engaged. The cost center brain is impatient, disinterested, or even agitated. Right now, chances are that your conversations, presentations, and ideas are being heard by their cost center brains. Even if they seem like they care about the issues and want to do something about them, they can’t.
If you’re really committed to change the way your company, industry, or even country moves on sustainability issues, you’ve got to learn how to show up on the correct side of the brain. Two men understand how to do this, and have made careers out of the nuances of effective influence in these situations.
Bryan Franklin, world class speaker and one of the country’s most successful executive coaches and Gil Friend, CEO of Natural Logic and one of the acknowledged fathers of the sustainability industry, each have mastered the art of speaking to — and being heard by — the profit center brain of medium and large organizations.
They Will Wake Up. Eventually.
It’s Up To You Whether They Wake Up In Time.

The passion that drove you towards the career you have is still there. You may be frustrated with other people’s perception that what you care about is not relevant to them, but you have made important progress and you’re not about to give up. Even when it seems impossible, you understand the importance of doing everything you can to set us on the right course.
What if there was a way you could increase your leverage inside the organizations you are trying to influence?
What if there was a “pulley system” — block & tackle that already exists inside the organizations, that you can use to leverage your broader vision and singular effort to create meaningful change?
What if there were people that already have been successful in creating these kinds of changes that you could talk to and understand how they did it?
One Evening Could Change The Trajectory Of Your Impact

Imagine what it might be like if you understood the Profit Center Brain of a CEO so well that you were able to engage that part of him/her every time you spoke or presented? Imagine what you could get done if you could mobilize the organization around a core set of values and really get people to engage? It can be incredibly frustrating to have the right plan and see people fail to execute on it. Imagine being the kind of person that writes the plans that people follow and set the precedent for everyone else.
Register now; space is limited.
A Rare Opportunity To See These Two Minds Together

Gil Friend and Bryan Franklin have never before shared the stage. They come from very different backgrounds. Gil has been a stand for business-driven sustainability, co-authoring HP’s first Corporate Citizenship report, and helping dozens of organizations make profitable sustainability changes. Bryan is an expert in organizational and individual change, having done everything from helping LinkedIn create a culture of accountability to helping PG&E create the plan to get out of bankruptcy.
Each holds critical pieces of the effective and sustainable change puzzle, and they will come together in one evening to create one clear picture for you.
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Gil Friend and Bryan Franklin
“Gil is one of the most thoughtful and creative thinkers I know in the area of sustainable business, and artfully bridges the scientific and technical sides of sustainability, the reallities of the daily world of business and people, and the systems in which they operate.”
-J.M., Chairman
“Bryan’s greatest strength is his ability to view complex situations holistically and help others do the same. Beyond that, Bryan’s coaching helped me move concretely from effective planning into first rate execution. I highly recommend him.”
-C.B., Founder and General Manager
Register now; space is limited.
Cracking The Door To The C-Suite With Your Sustainability Message

February 3, 7:30 PM
Holiday Inn, Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco
We’ve extended the “early bird” price of $49 til the end of the day Sunday January 30; $99 thereafter. Register now!
Gil Friend is CEO of Natural Logic, author of the acclaimed Truth About Green Business, and widely acknowledged as one of the fathers of the sustainability movement. He has helped dozens of companies create and implement profitable sustainability models.
Bryan Franklin, creator of The Facilitator’s Masterclass and one of the nations most successful coaches, has earned a reputation for getting to the heart of the matter and changing core issues. He has helped clients earn hundreds of millions of dollars and created billions of dollars in business value.

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