[]: Chamber participates in EUROCHAMBRES’ Training on Corporate Social Responsibility

European companies eager to incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in their business practices, will have a highly qualified partner to rely on: their local Chamber of Commerce…. [T]he Chambers from 21 countries… participated at an intensive training course held in Lisbon by EUROCHAMRBES – The European Association of Chambers of Commerce & Industry, for CSR trainers to develop their capacity to support SMEs on their mission to implement CSR in their operations.
The initiative is part of EUROCHAMBRES’ CAESAR Programme, which aims at making Chambers of Commerce skilled CSR relay points for companies.

I don’t know of anything comparable in the US. Local government has often been an active pipeline for SME (small and mid-sized enterprise) outreach — we’ve worked actively with, the municipal pipeline for EPA’s ClimateWise program, among others — but relatively few Chambers that I’m aware of have risen to the natural opportunity to serve their members in this way. Please let me know if I’m wrong.