Evolving Business: Redesigning Capitalism for the 21st Century
Wed, June 15th, 6.30-9pm
California College of the Arts, Timken Lecture Hall, 1111 8th St., San Francisco
Featured panelists:
Rory Bakke, Director of Sustainability, GreenBiz.com
Dr Stuart Candy, moderator, Senior Foresight and Innovation Specialist, Arup
John Elkington, Founder & Executive Chairman, Volans; Co-founder, SustainAbility, Author, The Power of Unreasonable People
Gil Friend, President & CEO, Natural Logic Inc, Author, The Truth About Green Business
Kirsten Ritchie, Principal/Director of Sustainable Design, Asia/Pacific Region, Gensler

‘We must now move faster with the implementation of today’s organizational change agenda and, at the same time, work out how to disrupt our economic and business models to reboot capitalism for the 21st century.’ John Elkington
Pressures for global system transformation have never been greater. In recent years, we’ve made inroads in establishing ‘sustainable business practices” as a way of responding to those pressures. Wonderful evolutionary models have emerged, like triple and integrated bottom line measures, so-called “social ventures”, emerging legal structures for hybrid organizations, and so on.
The call has been to do more of this, but faster.
But what if we’re pushing for the wrong thing? Is it more sustainable, socially-minded-and-practicing businesses (and better designed products and services) that we need, or something entirely new?
To use the old mousetrap analogy, do we need a better mousetrap or a better way of mousecatching? Are mice really the problem?
We’ve assembled a phenomenal panel of smart ‘cats’ to pounce on these questions and more.
You won’t want to miss this!

Co-presented by CCA’s Leading by Design Fellows Program and The Idea Hive.

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