From a Physicist and New Nobel Winner, Some Food for Thought. The history of physics is, like the universe, a story of expansion. By DENNIS OVERBYE. [The New York Times > Science]

Fresh from a new Nobel Prize, with a
smile as wide as the Pacific
Ocean only a Frisbee throw away, Dr. David Gross…[declared] ‘The most
important product of knowledge is ignorance.’ And without much more ado
than that, Dr. Gross proceeded to
enumerate what he considered to be the most enticing items that physics
had learned enough to be ignorant about in 25 different areas.

Fascinating munching. Worth a read.

(Dr. Gross, of the Kavli Insitute, just won the Nobel Prize in Physics, along with Dr. Frank
Wilczek of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and my good ol’ high school buddy Dr. H. David
Politzer of the California Institute of Technology. Are we proud? You betcha!)

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