Here’s the lie: I can’t get a copy of The Truth About Green Business
Here’s the truth — excerpted from The Truth About Green Business:

TRUTH 0: The Truth About Green Business is available now!
It’s finally here! Get your copy today!
The Truth About Green Business, by Natural Logic CEO Gil Friend, brings together 52 crucial facts and insights leaders must know to successfully “go green.” This book delivers quick, plain-English explanations that executives, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs can actually use, no matter what kind of businesses they’re running, or what their environmental and profit goals are.

“For the last few years I’ve been imagining what the essential one-volume green business handbook would look like. Now I don’t need to imagine it, because Gil Friend has written it. The Truth About Green Business is, simply, the best green business book on the market.”
– Alex Steffen, editor, and Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century.

Read more in The Truth About Green Business by Gil Friend, coming May 29 from Financial Times Press. Buy your copy today! Or ask for it at your local bookstore. (And come back next week for another Green Business Lie.)

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