Here’s the lie: Green Business Lie #11: We always try to reduce waste, but we’ll never eliminate it.
Here’s the truth — excerpted from The Truth About Green Business

TRUTH 11: Waste? Not!
What’s your acceptable level of “waste”? And why?
DuPont found it easier to go from a 70 percent waste reduction target to a goal of zero waste, zero injuries, and zero defects than it was to set the initial target. DuPont got so good at eliminating waste–and doing it profitably–that it now offers waste reduction services to supply chain partners and generates a quarter of a billion dollars annually doing so.
What would zero waste look like at your company? How would you get there? For whom could your “waste” become food?

Read more in The Truth About Green Business by Gil Friend, coming May 29 from Financial Times Press. Pre-order your copy today! (And come back tomorrow for another Green Business Lie.)

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