Here’s the lie: Best carbon strategy of 2009: do nothing, spend nothing, wait for orders.
Here’s the truth — from The Truth About Green Business

TRUTH 15: Reducing your carbon footprint
Carbon is going to start costing you money, or making you money. You choose. Governments are now developing carbon markets, carbon taxes, and other economic incentives for businesses to reduce their emissions. Operations such as shipping and transportation will have added costs—and shipping efficiently will have added value.
That means you’ll need to know:
■ Where your emissions come from
■ Which emissions are most significant
■ Which emissions are most readily reducible
■ How you need to change processes and materials to reduce emissions
■ How to reduce emissions profitably
■ What your competitors are doing about their carbon emissions

Read more in The Truth About Green Business by Gil Friend, coming May 29 from Financial Times Press. Pre-order your copy today! (And come back tomorrow for another Green Business Lie.)

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