Here’s the lie: Green Business Lie #28: It’ll take a whole new management team to make any sustainability happen here.
Here’s the truth — excerpted from The Truth About Green Business:

TRUTH 28: Innovation is at the Heart of Greening
Don’t let fear of failure keep you from experimenting–and don’t let success breed complacency. The business world is littered with once-successful companies that stopped innovating because what they were doing worked well. Compare Toyota and GM. It’s clear which one has built innovation into its core practices.
It’s a familiar story: a respected leader–a business executive, a politician, a scientist–says something can’t be done, or is a bad idea, or is too expensive. Then an arrogant upstart comes along with a modest innovation, or sometimes a world-changing one. The innovation might be met first with dismissal–“it’s impossible”–then with enthusiasm, and finally with “oh, that’s not so innovative, everyone knows that.”

Read more in The Truth About Green Business by Gil Friend, from Financial Times Press. Order your copy today! (And come back tomorrow for another Green Business Lie.)

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