Green Apple
Catherine Day of points out that Greenpeace has done more than rank the eco-profile of computer manufacturers. They’ve also mounted a very stylish Green My Apple campaign, complete with fake ads, t-shirts, viral video, etc.
Here’s my personalization of their boilerplate letter to Steve:

From: Gil Friend
To: Steve Jobs
Subject: I wish my Mac came in green
Dear Steve,
I’ve been a loyal and happy Mac user since 1984 (and an Apple user since 1979).
And I’ve been advising companies on environmentally wise business strategies since 1990.
I want to be proud of my next Mac because it has the best environmental standards possible. Not just as good as other companies. I expect Apple to be a green leader.
Apple can make this happen by:
* Removing the worst toxic chemicals from Apple products and production lines.
* Offering and promoting free “take back” for all Apple products everywhere they are sold.
* Making “design for environment” an integral part of Apple’s design systems and business strategy.
You lead in so any ways. Why leave leadership in this important realm to… Dell? Come on Steve – it’s time to change those leopard spots to green.
Yours sincerely,
Gil Friend
President & CEO, Natural Logic Inc
PS: I think I can help. Let me know if you’re interested. See Avoiding the Next Train Wreck and It Began With a Dot: Product Regulation and Future Markets for some perspective. Thank you.

Your turn, dear reader.

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